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Our Philosophy

Cooke & Santomauro, P.C., with its combined 70 years of experience, offers sophisticated, results-oriented legal services at reasonable rates. Its attorneys have far-reaching experience in numerous areas of law, catering to both large and small corporate clients and to individuals, who need the personal attention which only a firm such as theirs can offer. The firm's quality, economical services bring clients to the firm and then keeps them here.  

Practice Areas

Community Associations

Civil Litigation

Trusts, Wills & Probate

Family Law

Municipal Court

Personal Injury

Buying & Selling Homes

Landlord Tenant

Business & Corporate Law

Construction Litigation

Debt Collection

Real Estate

"I had the unique privilege of using Kevin Cooke as my attorney for a complicated business financial matter, which required numerous negotiations between myself and the other party. It was an unfortunate situation which required extensive legal representation for the better part of 10 months. In hindsight, its easier to say, one should remain calm throughout these proceedings, yet I remember calling almost constantly asking for an update and status report, only to naturally be told "don't worry'll all be fine. Kevin's doing everything with your best interests in mind". His staff-mainly Gloria was very helpful and always reassured me that Kevin was already aware or had already taken care of it. After a much celebrated and successful outcome (all that ever matters), I can honestly say that I am in a much better position today knowing that Mr. Cooke is as good as it gets when you need someone to handle your business in a professional and legal matter." 


Ken J.

"There comes a time in many people's lives to hire an attorney. Mine came when my daughter's mother dragged us into a 2 1/2 year litigation battle. I knew from the start that I was in the right hands with Kevin Cooke. Kevin was prompt in returning my phone calls (and there were many), emails and equally "on the ball" with corresponding with the other attorneys and judges. Kevin not only protected my daughter and I, but aided in giving us a better future, both personally and financially. Beyond everything else, he showed he cared as he took a sincere approach to the case. I would not hesitate to use Kevin again or refer him to someone who has a need for a good caring attorney."
Scott B.

“When searching for an attorney I wanted one that:

  1. Is knowledgeable and/or willing to quickly research the facts at issue

  2. Will explain your choices in understandable terms

  3. Will keep you posted as your case progresses

  4. Has an understanding and satisfactory experience with similar association issues


In the time I have known Kevin P. Cooke’s work at The Whitehall and within the Hackensack community, he filled all of my requirements 100% plus more. I can therefore, highly recommend him without any reservations.”

Murray R.

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